The Wealth Management App

PurplePath® is an innovative app that makes exchanging contact information super-fast, fun, and easy. It allows you to create and customize an unlimited amount of profiles with contact information you select to your liking. Each profile has a unique QR code which stores the contact information you previously inputted and saved when creating the profile. Such information may include your name, phone number, social media invites, and much more.

About Us

Finobot is an Al (Artificial Intelligence) based financial management system that works on connected devices, delivers the information and resources one need to manage, all their personal and family money matters, by showing them how to make each financial decision intelligently, timely, and cost-effectively. This system will be an integral part of the one's life, with boundless possibilities, that mimics the functioning of a human advisor

PurplePath is a new generation wealth management solutions provider. Our objective is to bring about convergence of the old with the new — converging the evolved financial fundamentals with the emerging technologies — in transforming personal finance and democratizing wealth management solutions